10 mental blocks to prevent

While surfing lifehack, I found this article about mental blocks that prevent creative thinking. At first I’m like, “We all have trouble thinking creatively, why do we need mental blocks for it?” But, then the article goes on to explain instead of telling you the RIGHT things to do, they tell you the WRONGS things to not do.

Creative thinking is a very good thing. It helps you when you need to write papers, accomplish difficult tasks, post blogs, come up with excuses, etc. If you can’t think creatively, your pretty much screwed.

So I’m sure this suspense is killing you right? You can’t wait to see this list because your being held hostage by the Russian mafia, until you tell them what’s preventing them from thinking creatively…..

So what prevents creative thinking?

1. Trying to find the one right answer

2. Thinking logically

3. Following rules

4. Being Practical

5. Thinking work is all work and no play

6. thinking “that’s not my job”

7. Being too serious

8. Trying to avoid uncertanty

9. Feeling to much pressure against being wrong

10. Being pessimistic

The most productive use for this is is to think about it during your day. Try and avoid these blocks, and you might be surprised how much tunnel vision you have.

(Check out the actual article at copyblogger for a more complete elaboration on creative thinking)



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